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Michael Trent, MBA

Partner & Chief Technology Officer

“I won’t be remembered at the end of the day for my net worth or how great of a businessman I was – my legacy will be based on how I lived as a husband, father, and community leader.”

Michael strives to help Vestia’s highest caliber professionals get organized and remove uncertainty from their financial lives so they can have the lasting impact they desire. He enjoys the technical and creative aspects of building a plan that align the available financial resources with our clients’ ultimate aims.

Michael earned his undergraduate degree from Indiana University, where he received the prestigious Wells Scholarship. After graduation, he served five years in the United States Marine Corps as an intelligence officer. Following his military service, he went back to school to earn his MBA from the University of Michigan. He started his private sector career working as a project engineer and financial analyst for a Fortune 500 manufacturer before transitioning into financial services.

Michael’s experiences in the public and private sector have shaped his perspective on leadership, community service, and financial practices. He believes that an advisor-client relationship should be based on trust and transparency. With a clear understanding of the cost of services and the value to be delivered, Michael’s greatest professional satisfaction is found in meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations.

When he is not working, Michael enjoys spending time with his wife, Jody, a pediatric nurse practitioner, and their four children Noah, Eli, Naomi, and Sam. He is a competitive runner and has run the New York City Marathon two times on behalf of the Pat Tillman Foundation. Michael’s family is actively involved in their local church, and they enjoy traveling and spending summer weekends at the lake.


Michael Trent, MBA

Partner & Chief Technology Officer

Tell us about something special from your youth.

I had some incredible opportunities in college to see and learn about the world outside of the United States. I backpacked around Europe for three months in college traveling from Turkey to Britain. I also spent a month in South Africa learning about the unique culture and history of southern Africa. Those experiences, along with my time in the military overseas, helped me develop a lasting perspective about how “small” I really am on the world stage and a strong compassion for those less fortunate than me.

Tell us about your family.

My wife is a pediatric nurse practitioner working in primary care. In addition to the huge responsibilities in her practice, she is a 100% full-time mother that is involved in every science fair, sporting event, and milestone for our four children. Noah is an avid reader and sports enthusiast; Eli is the life of the party and a future linebacker; Naomi is our rough and tumble gymnast; and Sam is the future spoiler.

I have three siblings and eight nieces/nephews that we see three times per year at my mom’s lake house. There’s nothing I look forward to more than those special times with family.

Where have you worked?

I served in the Marines for five years after college. Afterwards, I attended the University of Michigan where I had the unique opportunity to intern for a major energy company out East and a federally-funded defense Think Tank. My first private sector job was as a corporate finance manager and project engineer for a Fortune 500 manufacturer in my hometown. I had some incredible opportunities to climb the corporate ladder, but ultimately I felt I wasn’t close enough to the customers I desired to serve. My transition into personal finance working with highly successful businessmen and women gave me an opportunity to solve big problems and better see the impact on individuals and families.

When did you first realize you were interested in finance?

After leaving the military, I got ‘hands-on’ experience building financial models while attending the University of Michigan for my MBA, and during a subsequent internship in Boston. Solving financial problems requires a certain level of abstract and strategic thinking to break down larger issues into smaller, manageable projects. The projects themselves often require specific technical knowledge. I always felt I had a good balance between the strategic and the tactical. Working in personal finance gave me the perfect opportunity to play in both spaces.

How did you decide to become an advisor?

Our fearless leader and visionary Tom Martin approached me at a church function and asked if I wanted to work for myself and have unlimited growth potential. I said, “Sure, who doesn’t?!” Little did I know he was recruiting me to join him at his financial firm. It took about a year with some consistent prodding for me to leave my old job and join his team. The rest is history.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned about helping other people?

Seek tirelessly to give more than you take in every relationship.

What are you known for among your friends?

Putting my head down and not resting until the job is done.

How do you spend your time outside of work?

Coaching AAU basketball for my two older sons, doting over my daughter’s every move, and clinging to every moment with our toddler (since he’s our last ☹). My wife and I work and spend time with our kids. On the occasions when we escape for a date night, you might find us at an Olive Garden on our way to watch a great comedy starring Melissa McCarthy, Will Ferrell, and the like.

What is your favorite part of what you do at Vestia?

I grew up with a mother that worked very hard to keep our yard looking pristine. I also share some of her green thumb, both literally and metaphorically. At the office, I enjoy developing scalable processes from the ground up that bear incredible “fruit” for all of Vestia’s clients. Delivering on the expectations we set for clients through world-class processes is what gets me up in the morning.

What book do you always tell people they should read?

The Great Game of Business, by Jack Stack. Be fiercely transparent and inclusive with your employees and they will want to come to work and deliver results.

Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley. Avoid becoming a robot in your community or workplace. Stay fiercely independent and engaged in where you live and work.

One of Vestia’s values is to model “wealth without regret.” What does this mean to you?

To live “wealth without regret” means living according to your ideal eulogy. I’m not going to be remembered at the end of the day for how great of a businessman or advisor I was, or how much money I made. My legacy will be established based on how I lived as a man of faith, husband, father, and community leader.


  • Series 66
  • Life insurance, licensed agent
  • Health insurance, licensed agent
  • MBA, University of Michigan
  • US Marine Corps Veteran
Community Involvement
  • Board of Directors, The Impact Center
Call | Text | Fax: 260-234-2161
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  • Series 66
  • Life insurance, licensed agent
  • Health insurance, licensed agent
  • MBA, University of Michigan
  • US Marine Corps Veteran
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