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Christy King

Support Advisor

'Wealth without regret’ means looking back on your life at the very end, and confidently knowing you lived life to the fullest - you made amazing memories with the people most important to you, you experienced the joys life has to offer, and had a positive impact on those around you.

Christy’s journey to the financial planning field is a unique one. After obtaining her BS in Chemistry at Belmont University in Nashville, she realized that while chemistry was fascinating and challenging in a way she loved, working in a solo lab environment would not give her the ability to help others in a tangible way – a huge passion she had for her career. After some job shadowing and soul-searching, she found financial planning, which she sees as an equally challenging field to chemistry but allows her to use her skills and passions to directly help people. Now that she is in the industry, she is hooked!

Christy’s science background gives her a deep understanding of data gathering, modeling, and problem solving that is a huge asset to our team of advisors. Clients appreciate her attention to detail and her knack for making complex concepts simple to understand, as well as her ability to bridge the gap between advisor and client in between meetings to ensure all the “to dos” get “to done” and everyone stays on the same page through the planning process.

Christy originally hails from Baltimore, Maryland – she is the youngest of three with two older brothers, a wonderful sister-in-law, and new nephew. Outside of the office you can likely find Christy outside enjoying nature, practicing the cello, attending a new fitness class, reading a great new book, or trying out a fun new restaurant!


Christy King

Support Advisor

Share an interesting story about your family.

My family has friends all over the world. My maternal grandfather came to the US from Taiwan to study at Columbia University and now lives across the street from my parents in Baltimore, MD. I grew up eating fun Taiwanese and Japanese dishes that he would make for my brothers and me! My grandfather was a professor at Bucknell University and has so many interesting stories to share about his youth, his travels and his experiences. My grandfather’s 95-year-old brother recently visited us in Baltimore and told my family about his experience as a Japanese officer on the Russian front in WWII! His undergraduate classes were cut short, a quick diploma was given, then he was immediately shipped to Manchuria.

Where have you worked? What is the best thing that has ever happened while you were working?

During one of my college internships, I worked at a small chemical plant in South Carolina. Many of the workers were veterans and I loved hearing about their experiences. When I was leaving, the workers threw a going away party for me. One of the ladies brought me boiled peanuts because I’d never had them, and another gentleman gave me one of his favorite books! It’s become one of my favorite and most special memories!

When did you first realize you were interested in finance?

At dinner growing up, my family always talked about what was going on in the stock market and how the political climate was affecting the economy. Both of my parents are in finance; my dad is a CPA and my mom is a corporate treasurer, and they love talking with each other about the markets to gain an insight into each other’s perspectives. I always found the discussions fascinating but didn’t consider going into finance myself until some family friends suggested financial planning to me. Once I learned more about the field, I was hooked!

What is the most important thing you’ve learned about helping other people?

Even the smallest gestures of kindness can help transform peoples’ lives in a way that even grand gestures may not. For example, noticing people and noticing when they’re in need of some encouragement or in need of someone to listen makes an enormous difference in people’s lives.

In high school, I went to Mississippi for a Habitat for Humanity build. The father of the family for whom the house was being built came to personally thank our group for our hard work. I noticed one of my teachers go up and ask him about his story, his family, and how they were all doing, and I noticed the gentleman tearing up in happiness. He greatly appreciated the home, but also greatly appreciated being able to tell his story to my teacher and was touched by so many “strangers” caring for him and his family.

What are you known for among your friends?

I am known for having a knack for planning fun events. My friends ask me to pick the best places to eat or find fun festivals in town! I love considering the things my friends or family enjoy, finding the perfect event for them, and experiencing their joy with them!

What book do you always tell people they should read? Why?

The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor. It’s a wonderfully written book about pursing your passions rather than success. He argues that success will naturally happen when you pursue what makes you happy. He’s brilliant and witty which makes the book both inspiring as well as a fun and fast read. He also did a TED talk on the book which is also great if you’re short on time.

One of Vestia’s values is to model “wealth without regret.” What does this mean to you?

“Wealth without regret”, to me, means looking back on your life at the very end, and confidently knowing you lived life to the fullest- you made amazing memories with the people most important to you, you experienced the joys life has to offer, and had a positive impact on those around you. It means putting the value of people higher than that of wealth.


  • BS in Chemistry with minors in Mathematics & Business, Belmont University
Community Involvement:
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Homeless ministries in Nashville
Call | Text | Fax: (615) 647-8420
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  • BS in Chemistry with minors in Mathematics & Business, Belmont University
Published Writing
Phone: (615) 647-8420
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