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Chris Robbins

Support Advisor

“I think we are called to be stewards of the things God has gifted us with. Wealth is not earned, but gifted to us, and it is what we choose to do with it that determines our character in life.”

As a support advisor, Chris assists our partners in designing financial plans for clients, and then assists clients through the implementation phase of the plan and asset management strategy. He is also the main point of contact for his clients’ ongoing service needs once the plan is in place. Chris holds his Bachelor’s degree in Finance from Taylor University, as well as his Series 66 registration and Life & Health Insurance License. He continues to advance his knowledge in the field, currently completing the CFP® Certification Professional Education Program through the College for Financial Planning. Outside the office, Chris and his wife enjoy being active outside, in particular to let their Vizsla puppy, Wrigley (named after Wrigley field) get out some energy!

Chris Robbins

Support Advisor

Tell us about something special from your youth.

Growing up, my family would take trips down to a small island off of Charleston, SC, called Seabrook Island. Seabrook is beautiful and full of beaches and marshes, like much of South Carolina, but what made it so special is that not many people knew about it. It was like the hidden gem of Charleston. To this day, my wife and I still travel down there for vacations or just a weekend away. It is by far one of my favorite places on earth.

What is your family like?

It is just my wife, our dog Wrigley, and me. We met in college and got married a week after graduation.

When did you first realize you were interested in finance?

I realized that I was interested in finance in late high school. I loved practical numbers and math and started to follow the market and invested some of my own money. I fell in love with it and wanted to learn more.

How did you decide to become an advisor?

I have always wanted to help people. I saw from a young age how much of an impact my parents’ advisor had on their lives. I wanted to be able to help people in an area of their own lives that could be a point of tension or trouble.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned about helping other people?

I think sometimes it seems hard to practice faith in a business environment, let alone a finance environment. But I think that helping people through my work is one of the ways that I am able to exercise my faith freely. Money can be a frustrating or stressful area, and is so important to survive in our world, so having the knowledge and ability to guide someone through that struggle is how I can show them Christ’s love.

What are you known for among your friends?

Always having a huge smile on my face. My mom taught me how to live with the glass half full, and I think my friends see that in my positive and happy demeanor.

How do you spend your time outside of work?

My wife and I get to spend a lot of time together, which I love. We are usually either playing tennis, going on a run, spending a weekend with friends or family, or travelling.

What is your favorite part of what you do at Vestia?

My favorite part of life at Vestia is being a part of a great team that works for each other, rather than themselves.

What book do you always tell people they should read? Why?

Unbroken by Lauren Hillenbrand. I’ve always loved history and stories of persevering through struggles. I think we can all learn something about being determined to succeed in the face of adversity.

One of Vestia’s values is to model “wealth without regret.” What does this mean to you?

I think we are called to be stewards of the things God has gifted us with. Wealth is not earned, but gifted to us, and it is what we choose to do with it that determines our character in life.

  • BS in Finance, Taylor University
  • Series 66
  • Life Insurance, licensed agent
  • Health Insurance, licensed agent
Call | Text | Fax: 317-348-3636
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  • BS in Finance, Taylor University
  • Series 66
  • Life Insurance, licensed agent
  • Health Insurance, licensed agent
Published Writing
Phone: 317-348-3636
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